There is a lot involved in a flight operation. An airplane that takes to the sky is really something different than a car on the road. If you choose for a career in operations like a Top Gun, you have a large amount responsibility. Operations is the beating heart of aviation: without good preparation, no successful operation.

TopGun & The (Dutch & American) Defense

Top Gun operations are often commissioned by the Dutch and American Defense. This means it is a complex and responsible task. You get a unique opportunity to contribute peace, freedom, and safety in a country.

What does it really mean?

As a Top Gun working in flight operations, you know how to handle multiple responsibilities at the same time. You know what has the most priority at crucial moments.

Operations Manager AEC Skyline

Jasper Raaijmakers

“I started as an assistant at AEC Skyline. I was able to grow in a short time: I am now manager of location Groningen. With the right mentality and a strong sense of perseverance, you can get every opportunity trough Top Gun and make your dreams come true. Of course, skills are important, but it’s much more important what your mindset is like.”

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