Being a pilot

Maybe you dream of becoming a pilot and feeling the freedom of the sky. Or maybe you are already an experienced pilot with adventurous character. It is also possible that you already have a license but want to expand it. Whoever you are and what you already can do, it doesn’t matter to us. A Top Gun pilot (to-be) is flexible, ambitious and has a hands-on mentality. Because not a day is the same in the sky!

TopGun & The (Dutch & American) Defense

Top Gun pilots are often hired by the Dutch & American Defense for special training operations. This means it’s totally different from commercial passenger flights. You get a unique opportunity to contribute peace, freedom and safety in a country.

How do you become a (Top Gun) Pilot?

1. What kind of pilot do you want to be?
When considering a career as a pilot, the most important thing is to think carefully about what kind of pilot you would like to become. You can become a pilot of commercial flights, but it is also possible to follow flight training at, for example, the military.

2. Education
There are different courses with different pilot licenses. The bigger responsibility, the more demanding the training. You can also choose to start at the ground at, for example, operations. This way you can first discover whether aviation is really something for you. With a little luck and lots of motivation you can be trained internally to become a pilot. 

3. Flight hours and specialisms
There are different pilot licenses and specialisms. Flying an F16 is completely different from a passenger plane. It also requires other skills. Whatever you would like to go for, flying hours is required to keep licenses valid.   

Operational commands

When you think of working in aviation as a pilot, you quickly think of transporting passengers to a holiday destination. That is usually not the case with Top Gun. With us you mainly work operational on projectbasis. For example, aircraft ferry support, test flights, providing training and repossession support.

What does it really mean?

Get your pilot’s license at Top Gun!

Do you have the unique Top Gun DNA Then almost anything is possible. Also obtaining your pilot’s license internally or expanding your license(s). The companies that fall under Top Gun all operate in aviation. When you contact us, we will have a look at where you could possibly fit and if a suitable training can be offered.

Management Pilot SXI

Bart Smael

“It’s all about working well together. We often work on a project basis, where everyone contributes. Everyone is important here because it’s a process and we need each other to succeed. Without good preparations and support from the ground, you can’t be successful as a flight operator.”

Top Gun DNA
“We are extremely flexible. That works both ways. We work hard but also enjoy our freedom. Everyone here has a certain energy and takes responsibility for the best results. If you have the right attitude that fits aviation, you can come far in this world. Even if you don’t have a pilot’s license (yet), you can still get the chance here when you start at the ground. For example, in operations.”

Safety is important

“Aviation sounds verry adventurous, and it certainly is. But safety is also a top priority for us. That is why we also work pragmatically and that is just verry serious.

“We are looking for colleagues in a diverse range of work areas that comes in with aviation. What I think is the most important, is that you have the right DNA. For example: you spill coffee. What are you doing then? Do you clean it up immediately, do you do nothing, or do you have cleaned It up by someone else? As a team we always go for number one. You clean it up yourself immediately”

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