The aviation industry is always on the move. Technical and digital developments follow each other at a rapid pace. Working in aviation engineering means an exciting and responsible job. After all, an airplane that takes to the sky is really something different from a car.

TopGun & The (Dutch & American) Defense

When you choose engineering at Top Gun, you choose for a next-level and adventurous challenge. One of the biggest clients from Top Gun are the Dutch and American army. This means it is a complex and responsible task. You get a unique opportunity to contribute peace, freedom, and safety in a country.

What does it really mean?


If you want to work as a technician in aviation, the right (aviation) diplomas are a must. Do you not (yet) have the right papers, but do you feel the strong motivation to achieve them? Then you can also sign up as a Top Gun. We are constantly looking for people with a strong and ambitious character. Your mindset is more important than your level of skills at this point.

Maintenance Manager AEC Skyline

Ruben van der Mark

“The world is digitizing at a rapid pace. That has a lot in common with technology. We want to be the leader in our profession when it becomes to materials and services.”

Vision forward
“For example, we have been developing close air support training for defense for years. A lot has changed in the equipment and way of communicating in a short period of time. Those changes en vision forward must really suit you.”

“Working for a Top Gun company is adventurous. You travel the world, and you can work very independently. That gives me the ultimate feeling of freedom.”


“For that reason it is important that you are flexible. That is because of the way we work with our clients, but also when it depends on working hours. Because of the international character we normally don’t work from 9 to 5.”

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